– Preetam Sengupta Biography


Preetam Sengupta came onto the Canadian singer/songwriter scene through the side door, having first dedicated his energy to helping artists make a living through their music through his management/record company, Letting Artists Make Art (LAMA).

Through LAMA, he began building relationships within the music industry and hosted performances to showcase the artists he worked with. Occasionally, with hopes of maximizing income for the artists, he’d volunteer to play as the opener, digging back into a repertoire of cover songs from artists like Pearl Jam, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, U2, and the Beatles. He slowly started bringing some of his original music into the fold.

Preetam’s desire to take the stage more regularly was confirmed one night after watching The Good Lovelies in concert. After the show, Caroline Brooks showed Preetam her new guitar and let him pluck a few notes. The beautiful sound of that guitar and the Good Lovelies’ performance that night made Preetam realize he couldn’t deny his desire to make a record and that a life on both sides of the stage would have to be in his future. He decided right then that he was going to record and release his first record of original music. He booked time in the studio right away so he wouldn’t have time to change his mind.

That record became a collection of seven songs called (hopeFull). The album has been described as melodic storytelling that is melancholic with a glint of hope, or hopeful with a touch of melancholy. Andrew Noakowski, an active engineer on Toronto’s music scene and a longtime friend of Preetam’s, came aboard as the record’s engineer and producer. Together, Andrew and Preetam created an honest recording of music by first recording the guitar and vocals live off the floor before calling in some musician friends to offer their support and unique talents to the songs.

Preetam’s sound has been compared to that of Paul Simon. While humbled by that comparison, the careers of performers David Francey and Kelly Joe Phelps inspire Preetam the most, along with the artist-industry balance of Canadian hip hop contemporary Duane “D.O.” Gibson, and the musical influence of Sunil Achia, one of Preetam’s best friends.

Preetam is happy to bring (hopeFull) to an audience, preferring intimate venues where people enjoy a story as much as they enjoy a song. He hopes his style of music and performance might lead him to festival stages down the road, and he looks forward to making new friends along the way.

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